#WafflingAround – A Waffle Tour of Cambridge

As the summer rushes by in a contradictory lethargic way, I’ve found myself going weeks without typing out a new post. Which is annoying, since I have a backlog of topics I want to dissect! In an effort to just keep blogging, here’s another highlight post featuring photos from a recent waffle tour of Cambridge, MA—and some opinions too!


I don’t think I’ve dove into my love of food on this blog, other than the occasional recipes I attempt in the kitchen. That could be a separate blog post itself, but for the time being, all you need to know is that of all food in the world, waffles are probably my favorite. Continue reading #WafflingAround – A Waffle Tour of Cambridge

#NP5UMMIT – Harvard Stadium & ECSMA

This is more belated than I intended, but I’ve had a lot of amazing photography opportunities recently and I want to highlight them all. Bear with me as I backtrack a bit to one of the best weekends of 2017! And I’ll keep this as short and sweet as I can. But if you’ve read any of my other blog posts about November Project, you know that might be difficult for me.


Continue reading #NP5UMMIT – Harvard Stadium & ECSMA

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Critique Myself if I Want To – Mid-Year Check-In

Last year, I wrote 22 promises to my future self. Two years before that, I shared 20 things I had learned that year.

This year, I’m going to critique myself.

It’s fortuitous that my birthday falls about halfway through the calendar year. It gives me an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the year while still looking forward to the half to come. For 2017, I want to briefly visit the intentions I set at the start of the year and see if I’ve stayed true to them or if I’m not on the same track. If I’m on track, that’s great—but that doesn’t mean I can relax on my goals. And if I’m not, no worries—I need to figure out why I’m not advancing towards my intentions and refocus.

In case you missed my blog post from the beginning of this year, my One Word for 2017 is Spirit. With my One Word, I set a few concrete goals as well. Let’s see how I’ve done… Continue reading It’s My Birthday and I’ll Critique Myself if I Want To – Mid-Year Check-In

US Quidditch Cup 10

US Quidditch Cup 10: Lost Boys v. District of Columbia Quidditch Club

Whew! April has just come and gone in a flash. That seems to be the trend for the past few years, as the Boston Marathon has consistently followed the US Quidditch’s annual national tournament. Last year, I juggled the journey of becoming a national champion with volunteering as a photographer at US Quidditch Cup 9’s two-day weekend tourney— followed by volunteering at the 2016 Boston Marathon that Monday!

This year was a little bit easier (or more difficult), as Quidditch Club Boston ended their national campaign in the quarterfinal round and I had a few days to enjoy Disney World and the parks at Universal before a whirlwind marathon weekend. Looks like it turned out alright, though, as I made it through US Quidditch Cup 10, Florida, and marathon weekend relatively unscathed—and with a 5k PR to boot! Continue reading US Quidditch Cup 10

Church of the Long Run and a Pescatarian Lent

The Sunday long run is often conflated with spirituality… like church, the long run is a Sunday ritual… like any religion, it encourages us to reflect on our shortcomings and appreciate what we have.

—Tracksmith’s “Church of the Long Run”

When the local running brand Tracksmith published their lookbook titled “Church of the Long Run” towards the end of 2016, I found it both apt and amusing. At the time, I was fresh off of my first half marathon and starting to grasp what being a runner meant to me. Even though my long runs peaked at a humble 10 miles prior to the inaugural Cambridge Half, I could see what Tracksmith was getting at with how Sundays were for runners attending their weekly mass on road or on trails. As my mileage increased during my half marathon training, it was always physically and mentally exhausting, but always rewarding. I started looking forward to my humble long runs, embracing the eventual finish. Church of the Long Run, indeed.

As my fall race season wrapped up and the holidays set in, my running took a backseat as I did not have any races lined up until the new year. Instead, I shuffled between social gatherings with family and friends, which required a physical and mental preparation remarkably similar to a race. I had to get plenty of rest, do flat lays of what I’d wear, and fuel right—no binge snacking or excessive dessert consumption!

But one thing a race mindset couldn’t prepare me for was when I was leaving my grandparents’ house on Christmas Day and my grandmother ambushed me.

“Paulina, have you been going to mass?” Continue reading Church of the Long Run and a Pescatarian Lent